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Through his career, Evans accumulated over 41,000 hours of flight time experience.
Frecce Tricolori, the, aeronautica Militare Italiana (Italian Air ögonkontakt under sex dålig Force) organized a great airshow, held on the 5th and 6th of September 2015, at Rivolto Air Base.An air show in Cold Lake, Alta.The pilot, Bruce Evans, died in the crash, said Capt.The Transportation Safety Board said a team has been sent out to survey the crash and determine whether a full investigation is needed.Pilot grew up in air force family.Two civilian formation display teams also participated: the Team Paramotoristici Audaci (Audaci Powered Parachute Team) and the We Fly!McCulley said it took him a moment to realize that what was unfolding was not a planned part of the show.Evans was "always smiling.Another formation premiere was the legacy formation of Italian trainers, consisting of a T-6G Texan, Fiat G-59, MB-326, the current MB-339A, modernized MB-339CD, and the latest Italian Air Force trainer, the T-346A (M-346).

As well as providing a distinctive demonstration of freefall and canopy skills during the display season each Falcons Team member undertakes continual advanced training as Parachute Jumping Instructors in preparation for future employment in support of the Parachute Regiment, the Royal Marines and other specialist.Evans grew up in an Canadian air force family with his father working as an aircraft maintenance engineer, his biography on the Cold Lake airshow website states.A public affairs officer at Canadian Forces Base Cold Lake said the T-28 Trojan went down during a performance at the show Sunday afternoon.Took a tragic turn on Sunday when one plane crashed, killing its pilot Bruce Evans.An airshow in Alberta took a tragic turn on Sunday when a plane crashed and "disintegrated killing the pilot.After about a half hour with the announcement the show was closing, McCulley said mood was eery and quiet as the remaining spectators filed out.Other flying displays included the Glider World Champion Luca Bertossio in his Swift S1 glider, the Female Aerobatic Champion Aude Lemordant with her Extra 330SC, the Breitling Wing Walkers, and a spad xiii replica.For the two show days, the airshows audience reached and exceeded 350,000 people, another manifestation of the love for the popular Frecce Tricolori.Edmonton resident Jim McCulley said he was watching the show with a friend from the VIP tent when the plane went down."It just nose-dived right into the ground.' "I actually did not see the plane hit the ground, I looked away for a second and we just heard this kind of pop.'.The Cold Lake Airshow is a two-day event hosted by the Canadian Forces that features pilots and aircraft from across the continent including Canada's iconic Snowbirds demonstration team.
During the rehearsal of the airshow on Friday, there was also a Spotter Day.
All around the airport there were many different thematic areas with all the present and future aircraft of the Italian Air Force, and the audience could meet all the Italian astronauts that had attended the airshow.