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The catheter may need to remain in place for about two weeks to allow for healing.Whose prostates can't be monitored with an ultrasound probe during the procedure.Effectiveness of Cryosurgery for Cervical Dysplasia.However, if the following symptoms occur you should see sex kitten sim datum 7 fusk a doctor as soon as possible.Cryotherapy for prostate cancer can also be an option for men whose cancer has returned after other treatments.Cryotherapy for prostate cancer usually results in very little blood loss.You may be given a general anesthetic, or your doctor may numb only the surgical area with a local or regional anesthetic.Rarely, side effects can include: Injury to the rectum, blockage of the tube (urethra) that carries urine out of the body.May place a catheter into your bladder through your lower abdomen to assist in draining urine after cryotherapy.
However, when the cervical changes are located in the upper section of the cervix a cone biopsy is recommended rather than cryotherapy.
Cryotherapy is also used for the treatment of cervicitis or inflammation of the cervix.

Vaginal bleeding: You should be checked if you have bleeding that is heavier than you normally experience during your menstrual cycle.How you prepare, your doctor may recommend a fluid solution (enema) to empty your colon, and an antibiotic to prevent infection during the procedure.Once the anesthetic takes effect, your doctor: Places an ultrasound probe in your rectum.The current method of cryotherapy for prostate cancer which employs ultrasound guidance, newer-technology cryotherapy probes and strict temperature monitoring has been in use for only several years.Where cryo performed: Depends on what part of your body cryo was performed.This causes the metal cryoprobe to freeze and destroy superficial abnormal cervical tissue.
Cryosurgery is an adequate treatment for most cases of cervical dysplasia destroying all of the abnormal cervical tissue in over 85 percent of cases.

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