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sexualbrottslingar registrera listan, nsw

More info More Information» Macleay River Valley, NSW Australia Recordist: Marc Anderson Location: Macleay River valley, NSW, Australia Habitat: Allo-casuarina stand in woodland Notes: A small sex annons gratis group of Glossy Black Cockatoos use their massive bills to crack open Allocasuarina cones to extract the tiny kernels.
More info More Information» Washington County, Oregon United States Recordist: Dwight Porter Location: Washington County, Oregon, United States Habitat: Marsh scrub Notes: Species recorded: Red-winged Blackbird, American Bittern, Sora, Virginia Rail, Song Sparrow, American Robin, Canada Goose, Common Yellowthroat, Ring-necked Pheasant, Mourning Dove, Starling, bullfrog.More info More Information» Rjeina River Croatia Recordist: Ivo Vicic Location: Rjeina River, Croatia Habitat: Riverine forest Notes: Relaxing sounds of spring as the Rjeina River flows through forest in the mountains of Croatia.More info More Information» Southern Mojave Desert, California United States Recordist: Listening Earth Location: Southern Mojave Desert, California, United States Habitat: Scrubland desert Notes: It is the still moments before dawn in the Mojave desert.Eventually, the whole gorge reverberates with birdsong.At approx 29:40 minutes listen for the whooshing sound as a pair of hornbills fly.Our guests were in the water literally swimming in the music, and I was able to drift nearby in the tender while dangling our hydrophone in the water.The reverberation is amazing.More info More Information» czok Reserve Poland Recordist: Jacek Krywult Location: czok Reserve, Poland Habitat: Wetland Notes: Geese and swan call across the wetland, and acorns occasionally fall down from overhanging oak trees and plop into the water.More info More Information» near Geldeston, Suffolk United Kingdom Recordist: Peter Toll Location: near Geldeston, Suffolk, United Kingdom Habitat: Forest rural Notes: Recorded on the banks of the river Waveny.More info More Information» Bundeena, NSW Australia Recordist: Marc Anderson Location: Bundeena, NSW, Australia Habitat: Beach Notes: Close to midnight at Jibbon Beach south of Sydney.More info More Information» Royal National Park, NSW Australia Recordist: Marc Anderson Location: Royal National Park, NSW, Australia Habitat: Temperate rainforest tall eucalypt forest Notes: Starting before dawn, crickets, tree frogs and owls gradually give way to the calls of early-rising Kookaburras, followed.More info More Information» Kalaone Reef Niu Recordist: Grant Finlay Location: Kalaone Reef, Niu Habitat: Coastal reef Notes: Excerpt from sound journey around this remote South Pacific island.
More info More Information» near Kuranda, Queensland Australia Recordist: Marc Anderson Location: near Kuranda, Queensland, Australia Habitat: Tropical rainforest Notes: Northern Barred Frogs make the wonderfully deep croaks, while Orange-thighed Treefrogs call in chorus making the not-so-musical craaaak-craaaak-craaaaak sound.
Rain filters through the thick canopy, lightly falling on the forest floor.

Recordist: Marc Anderson, location: Kaeng Krachan NP, Thailand Habitat: Tropical rainforest Notes: In the hill forests of Kaeng Krachan National Park, Thailand, White-handed Gibbons sing in the distance, while the heavy wingbeats of hornbills can be heard as they fly into feed on the fruits.Long-tailed Ducks gulls in background.More info More Information» Terre Adélie Antarctica Recordist: Dominique Filippi Location: Terre Adélie, Antarctica Habitat: Antarctic sea ice Notes: A Weddell Seal pup calls for it's mother on the antarctic ice floe.More info More Information» Backyamma State Forest, NSW Australia Recordist: Wild Ambience Location: Backyamma State Forest, NSW, Australia Habitat: Dry woodland Notes: Giant Banjo Frogs make the deep 'bonk' calls.More info More Information» Magnetic Island, Queensland Australia Recordist: Jeremy Hegge Location: Magnetic Island, QLD, Australia Habitat: Eucalypt forest Notes: A nocturnal chorus featuring Southern Boobook owls, the odd calls of Orange-footed Scrubfowl along with countless insects.More info More Information» Ouachita Mountains, Arkansas United States Recordist: John Carroll Location: Ouachita Mountains, Arkansas, United States Habitat: Temperate forest Notes: Quiet evening, after rain, in forest near Lake Winona in the Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas.More info More Information» Belgium Recordist: Felix Blume Location: Namur, Belgium Habitat: Wetland Notes: The unusual sounds of Common Midwife Toads (Alytes obstetricans) in the Belgian countryside.
More info More Information» Putkilahti Finland Recordist: Tapani Relander Location: Putkilahti, Finland Habitat: Boreal forest Notes: The unusual sounds of lekking Black Grouse (Tetrao tetrixis) is commonly heard in spring in the boreal taiga forests of Finland.